Camarillo, CA

RF & Microwave Amplifiers 30 KHz to 65 GHz:

GaAs FET & Sub-Assemblies, Radial Combiners/Dividers, Space Qualified Components

Chandler, AZ

Merrimac Ind West Cadwell NJ

Avon, MA

Chambersburg, PA

Gaithersburg, MD

Hudson, New Hampshire

RF & Microwave Precision Coaxial Connectors

Coaxial Cable Connectors and adapters

Franklin, Indiana

Microwave Solutions:

Multi-Mix Multilayer Integrated Circuit Technology, Power Dividers, Directional Couplers, Hybrids, Mixer products, Phase Shifters, Custom Beamformer networks

Microwave Solutions:

Frequency Converters, Switch Matrices, Modullators, Complex Oscillator Assy's, DTO's, PLO's Isolators, Circulators, Detectors, Limiters, Comb Generators, Detector Log Video Amplifiers (DLVA's)

T&E Repco is an established and recognized Radio Frequency and Microwave Manufacturers Representative dedicated to customer service & support. T&E Repco represents high qualily products with the core values and synergistic atmosphere, in order to meet the full market potential.

Coaxial Cable assemblies:

Commercial, Military, Medical, Test & Measurement, Custom Cable & Harnesses, Braided Cables, Semi Rigid Formable, Precision Low

Anechoic Chambers:

High Frequency & EMC Shielded Test Facilities, Turn Key, engineered through Construction. On Site Project Management.  Manufacturing Equipment Supplier, Custom Made to your specifications

Custom Power Supplies:

High Reliability SATCOM, TELCOM, Military and Industrial markets

Jupiter, FL

RF and Microwave Filters:

Discrete, Cavity Ceramic, Tubular, Waveguide Switch Filter Banks, Bandpass, Wireless, LC Filters, Wireless Products, Flat Pack Filters

Microwave Materials:

RF/Microwave Absorbers, Pyramidal/Anechoic Absorbers, Syntactic Foams, Dielectric Materials, Advanced Formulationsl